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    Athina Soultani – Top Featured Artist.

“Dazzling Beauty” Graphite Portrait With Graphite Pencils On Strathmore Bristol Paper by Athina Soultani.

Queen Elizabeth II” Graphite Portrait With Graphite Pencils On Strathmore Bristol Paper by Athina Soultani.

Athina Soultani is a contemporary realist artist who captivates viewers with her mesmerizing portraits. She creates stunning works of art by meticulously sketching her subjects and then adding layers of color, light, and shadows. Her process of transforming a simple sketch into a masterpiece is intricate and fascinating. Read on to learn more about Athina Soultani’s process and get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of her beautiful art.

Athina Soultani’s artwork starts with the foundation of a sketch. She uses graphite pencils on Strathmore Bristol paper to lay down the initial outlines of her subjects. Her mastery of sketching is evident in the level of detail she can capture in her drawings. She brings her subjects to life on the page with every stroke of her pencil. Her composition skills are top-notch, making for visually pleasing artwork that draws the viewer in. Her sketches serve as the base for her masterpiece portraits. With her expert sketching abilities, the final product would have a different level of depth and detail.

Athina Soultani’s art is more than just a visually stunning masterpiece. Her work conveys a powerful message of hope and belief in oneself, even in challenging times. Soultani believes we can achieve greatness as individuals and nations, but it starts with truly believing in ourselves. Her art is a testament to this belief and reminds her viewers that anything is possible with a bit of faith and determination. Through her art, Soultani encourages us to find our strength to overcome obstacles and reach our fullest potential. Her message is a beautiful reminder that in a world of doubt and uncertainty, we must never give up on ourselves or our dreams.

As a contemporary realist artist, Athina Soultani understands the importance of lighting and shadows in creating captivating portraits. She believes they add depth, drama, and emotion to her paintings and helps her bring her subjects to life.

For Soultani, lighting is an integral part of the artistic process. She spends much time studying her subjects and analyzing the light falling on them. Whether it’s natural light, studio light, or artificial light, she notes how it affects the subject’s form, texture, and overall appearance.
Shadows, on the other hand, are equally crucial to Soultani. They contrast the light and add definition and shape to the subject.

For Soultani, lighting and shadows are not just technical aspects of painting but a means of expressing the subject’s character and personality. She uses them to create a mood, evoke an emotion, or convey a message. In her portraits, the lighting and shadows are not just there to provide visual interest but to give the subject a sense of depth, mystery, and life.

One of the key elements in Athina Soultani’s portraits is her use of color. She has an eye for color and understands how to use it to create a mood and bring her subjects to life. While some of her works are done in greyscale or monochromatic, some of her paintings are vibrant and colorful.

Soultani pays close attention to the temperature of the colors she uses. She understands how warm and cool tones can affect the mood and atmosphere of a painting. In addition, Soultani also uses color to bring out certain features of her subject.

Overall, Athina Soultani’s use of color is a crucial element in her portrait paintings. She understands how to use color to create mood, depth, and dimension while highlighting her subject’s unique features. The result is a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring work of art.

Athina Soultani’s portraits are more than just realistic renderings of her subjects; they are windows into their souls. Soultani believes that a portrait should capture the subject’s essence, conveying their personality, emotions, and life story. To achieve this, she gets to know her subjects. She also pays attention to their facial expressions, body language, and even the clothes they wear, all of which can reveal something about their character.

Once Soultani understands who her subject is, she begins to draw their portrait. This process involves sketching, erasing, and redrawing until she feels she has captured the subject’s likeness. From there, she works with color, light, and shadow to create a lifelike and emotionally evocative portrait.

Whether it’s a portrait of a loved one, a stranger on the street, or a historical figure, Soultani’s art invites us to see the humanity in others and to celebrate the diversity and complexity of the human experience.

Athina Soultani

Viviana Puello

Arttour International Magazine 

         21 May 2023 

Realist artist from Greece with Exhibitions worldwide •Member of Ukcps Society • Awards Winning Artist . Email :